Mohammad Ali Khalji


Born in 1976, Hamedan.

University Professor.

MA in Visual Communication of Tehran University 2011.

BA in Animation Directing from Faculty of Radio and Television 2006.

Judgment of Many National and International Festivals.

Private Teaching in Visual Arts.

Cartoonist of special journals " Payame Sakhteman", " Fars News Agency" and ...

Permanent Presence in National and International Festivals.

Organizing National and International Exhibitions in Visual Arts.

Winner of 167 Artistic Prizes ( 109 International and 58 National Prizes) in Cartoon Section and Winner of many prizes in other Artistic Fields.

 The Most Important Prizes in Animation: 

Winner of Best Student Artwork from 2nd Interna-tional Animation and Comic Contest China 2007.

Selected in International Animation Contest Zoom, Poland 2009


The Most Important Prizes in Graphic Section:

Grand Prize in the 10th International Diogence Taborda, Argentina 2005

Selected in Poster Section of International Festival of Resistance and Awakening Civic Activities 2013


Prizes in Painting Section:

Winner of the Best Selected Painting in 8th Painting Biennial Iran 2011.


Most Important Prizes in Caricature Section: 

Grand Prizes in the 13th International Caricature Taijun, South Korea 2004

Grand Prize in International Caricature Free Cartoon Web China 2006.

Special Prize from President of Italy for Cartoon With the subject of " Children and Future" from Fax for Peace, Italy 2010.


International Prizes:

Bronze Medal from International Cartoon Contest, Syria 2006.

Special Prize in the 26th International Molla Nasreddin, Turkey 2006.

Special Prize in the 27th International Yomiory Shimbun Caricature Contest, Japan 2005.

Special Prize in the 27th International Aidin Dougan, Turkey 2010.


National Prizes:

Second Prize in Caricature Contest Mine, Isfahan 2009.

First Prize in the 3rd Caricature Contest Boukan 2006.

Second Prize in the National Artistic and Cultural Radio Contest 2011.

Second Prize in the Caricature Section of the 1st National Visual Arts " Islamic Awakening" 2012.

And many other prizes. 


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