Elrayah Ombaddi Abubaker




Bachelor in painting from Sudan university of science and technology, college of fine and applied art.1999


International prizes

*Excellence prize (the 5th googlm international cartoon competition 2006 – China

*Honorable mention (4th international cartoon contest Syria 2008)

*Honorable diploma (magazine “Rhinoceros “cartoon / caricature competition – Bosnia & Herzegovina 2008)

*Excellence prize The 7th googlm international cartoon competition 2008 – China

*Honorable mention 3rd  Black cat international web cartoon contest Azerbaijan 2009

*Honorable diploma (magazine “Rhinoceros“cartoon / caricature competition – Bosnia & Herzegovina 2010

*Honorable mention)Boston international humor festival – USA 2011

*Honorable diploma (magazine “Rhinoceros“cartoon / caricature competition – Bosnia & Herzegovina 2013

*Honorable mention 7th international humor exihibition Paraguacu paulista – Brazil 2014

*Second prize- 3nd international olive cartoon contest – kyrenia – Cyprus 2014

* Prize of (arab cartoon house) Cartoon contest – Jordan – 2014

*excellence award 9th international cartoon copetition on enviromental protection – China 2015

*Special honor diploma – 9th international cartoon contest – Urziceni - Romania 2015


Now working as cartoonist at (Aljareeda) Sudanese daily newspaper.


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